Disneyland Locker Random Act of Kindness

Because I have been blessed with the opportunity to visit the Disneyland Resort more often than not - I always make sure I spread magic while I'm there.  Whether that is commenting on CMs great service at City Hall, letting families get in line in front of me, or offering to take a photo of a single mom and her child (something I really relate to). All of those little things, to me, are small acts of kindness that help spread the magic I feel when I come to the parks.

Years ago, as part of an online community, one of our lovelier members began documenting our kindness and we began posting our "RAKs" (Random acts of Kindness) in the group as well as sending each other little gifts with uplifting messages. I have always loved/preferred giving people things while in the parks (pins, Fastpasses, etc.), but found some people are sometimes startled by kindness. Who can blame them? The world isn't always pretty.

That is how the locker RAK was born. As I was leaving the park early in the evening and emptying my locker, I realized I could leave it locked with a giveaway inside and post the locker number and pin online for all to see. It was an instant success! To this day I always leave items in a locker AND sprinkled randomly throughout the park with one of my business cards asking that they enjoy, and remember to pay the magic forward.



As I celebrate the 3 year anniversary of the locker RAK, I ask that you remember to spread a little magic everyday in your lives as well.