Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room 50th Anniversary Recap - Part 1

On June 28 - 29th Disneyland celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room, one of the most nostalgic  & beautiful attractions at Disneyland.

Day 1 consisted of Early Registration (including pick-up of event gifts from Disney along with the Random Selection Process Merchandise we had purchased) and event store shopping. Since early registration was open from 5pm - 9pm, I figured I'd wait for the initial "I need to be there first" group to finish-up so I wouldn't have to wait in a long line. Wrong! I arrived at the the hotel at 5:45pm and didn't finish the process until 9:40pm. Many guests were extremely frustrated by the long wait, but luckily I was standing in line with a really cute couple and we became best friends for the next 4 hours.

Why did registration take so long? Because checking in each person, reading the itinerary to them, confirming their purchases, confirming their autograph signing time, providing them with price lists and instructions, handing them their gifts and lanyards, sending them into another room where each piece the guest purchased was unwrapped and inspected by the guest and Cast Members takes time. In my opinion it was organized, but very understaffed. I will say that the Cast Members on hand were very sweet, helpful and as accommodating as possible.

After waiting what seemed like hours, I finally made my way from the lobby to the ballroom where the event would be taking place. A fun display greeted us.

Ballroom Entrance

Ballroom Entrance

I loved the birds and the lighting of the display. (Hello, it's purple, of course I love it!)


All of the event merchandise pieces were on display . It was interesting to see that the SHAG pins had already sold out! Once again, I was very lucky as all of the items I had chosen during the Radom Selection Process were there waiting for me to pick-up. I was stoked about that! While I waited in line I found that there were other pieces I really wanted - some I could not afford, but the ones I could afford I bought at the event store that night. I left very tired, but very happy!


Finally, I was finished. I left the Disneyland Hotel and made my way over to Trader Sam's where loads of tiki fans were eating, drinking and talking about the event. I met another super fun couple and we shared a table outside, listened to the band and enjoyed fabulous cocktails.


When I made it back to my hotel room I spent a few minutes enjoying my new purchases (pictured in the top square below), and the great gifts in my goodie bag (pictured in the 2 bottom squares below): a wooden replica of the original Tiki Room ticket, a journal with SHAG art on the cover, a Tiki Room bottle opener, a Tiki traveler mug and the Early Birdies Event pin. Love, love, love! Well worth the wait!

Stay tuned for parts 2 & 3 of my recap:

Part 2: the auction, pin trading, and autograph signing

Part 3: SHAG cocktail party!