The First 5 Days

Blood, sweat, tears, dehydration (me). Construction, trash, flat tires, a call to 911, broken air conditioning, missing furniture, lost curriculum, flooded bathrooms, unbearable heat, and 1 threatening altercation with a psycho parent (everything else).

I left my house every day while the sky looked like this and didn't come home until 15 - 16 hours later. Some days I worked without food, water or a bathroom break. One day I didn't even see my daughter. Every night I drank a beer and slept in compression socks.

It has been a stressful and overwhelming week, but I survived the first week of school!

Being a working mother is a huge challenge. Being a working mother whose 1st priority is family, but who has a demanding career, a strong work ethic and several personal interests & goals, is at times hopeless and unsustainable. Right now is one of those times. My daughter started her junior year of high school, attended orientation alone, paid for school items (with my checkbook & a side of forgery), bought her own school supplies and went on her first job interview - all without my presence or guidance. In my car!

Although there are many challenges ahead, in one week I'll be rewarding myself by running the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge at Disneyland. Obviously, I have not been able to train for these races, but I think my work schedule may be more than enough training.

  • 76 hour work week (still in progress)
  • 36.7 miles
  • 12, 221 calories burned
  • 47, 629 Nike Fuel points
photo (7).JPG

What about my daughter's job interview? Well, she got the job and just drove off to start her first day!

As I prepare to spend the rest of this weekend working from home, I only hope that I have inspired her to be a hard working, independent woman. A woman who is as dedicated to herself and her family as she is to her profession and her beliefs. A woman who doesn't rely on anyone to support her financially or emotionally. A woman who understands that nothing comes without hard work and sacrifice.

From what I have seen, I am proud to say she is well on her way.