Lucid Dreamer

My dreams are a lush, mysterious world I relish with childlike awe. The colors and sounds are real - both frightening and delightful. It is as if in my sleep I come to life.  

There is a world of soft curves and glimmering smiles that I've visited more than once. Where the landscape calls to me and invites me to stay. I linger, lucid and aware I can't stay forever. I drink in the atmosphere, I marvel at the magic that surrounds me. I reach my hands into the sky and feel the purity of life. I drink the gifts that do not exist in the waking world.

photo (3).JPG

I have flown into the forest of painful darkness with teetering trees of fear and danger. I struggle to move, my heart racing, looking for you in this storm of mirrors. I blaze above moss covered floating paths. Levitating above the thorns - the light in the dark. The kiss that ignites the flame. 

It is in these dreams I am at my most intuitive, my most perceptive. My subconscious is alive. It will not be silenced by the night. My spirit takes flight.