Official CA Licensed Driver

I love my little girl with all my heart, which is why this day was bittersweet. I have done everything possible to teach her to be safe and responsible. She has proven to be both thus far, being attentive, keeping the music off and her purse/cell in the backseat. She is cautious and courteous behind the wheel. She obeys the laws and understands that driving is a privilege - not a right.


There's only one problem. One thing that makes me worry every time she is in the car: other drivers.

As my daughter grows up, I deeply understand why my mother worried about my sister and I when we were teens. I remember we had to stop at payphones to call and check-in every hour. Being a parent is an emotional roller coaster. A ride filled with joy, pain, fear, wonder and magic.

Right now I am in the scary, exciting, OMG-she-is-going-to-be-in-college-soon phase of motherhood. I'm loving every minute of the ride & taking every moment necessary to hug her, kiss her and hold her tight.

If you have a teen who will be driving soon, check out and the's section on teen driver safety.