Fabulous Friday: How we fabulously escaped death & survived the first week of April

This has been a strange week. I use the word “strange” rather than “bad” because, at the end of the day, we all have our health, we are all alive. I am thankful for that. I never lose sight of the fact that it can always be worse. Work has been tough, my parents are going through a very difficult time financially & personally, I am struggling to satisfy everyone at once – emotionally & financially as well, my brother in law was almost killed by a psycho on Easter and my boyfriend was able to walk away from a bad car accident last night.

On that note, let’s dig into how to stay fabulous when life is challenging:

1. Help Others

On Easter Sunday my brother in law was picking up a few odds and ends at a local Walmart, when a crazed man on meth decided to drive his car into the store. The man then proceeded to beat customers with a blunt object – critically injuring many. My brother in law ran to the aid of the injured and, with the help of other big men like him, pinned down and detained the assailant until police arrived. He refuses to consider himself a hero, but I think he’s pretty damn fabulous. I am thankful nothing happened to him. 

2. Keep Calm

Yesterday I left the house for a quick run in one direction and my boyfriend left the house for a quick stop at the market in the other direction. Just minutes into my run, my boyfriend called to tell me he had been in an accident. I immediately turned around and ran faster than I'd ever run before to meet him. As I ran I could see his truck in the middle of the road - facing the wrong way. There was glass and car parts everywhere. I could see a witness directing traffic, but I could not see my boyfriend. My heart sank into my stomach and I choked back tears as I surveyed the scene and prayed he was OK.  

The truck after it was moved over towards the tow truck. Debris was cleaned up and chemicals were soaked up. It was a long process.

The truck after it was moved over towards the tow truck. Debris was cleaned up and chemicals were soaked up. It was a long process.

When I did reach him I was thankful to see he was not visibly harmed, though he was shaken and I could see the aftereffects of the airbag on his face.  Repeatedly the witnesses on the scene praised him and myself for remaining calm. I did not actually see the accident - but the witnesses told me he was abruptly cut-off and his truck spun multiple times before lifting off the ground and coming to a stop. They couldn't believe he wasn't upset with the other driver, or that I wasn't hysterical. That's just not the kind of people we are. I was so happy he was OK, and I could tell the other driver was scared - there is no need to make the situation worse. Everyone was unharmed - and that is the most important thing. Remaining calm is fabulous.

3. Keep the Faith 

My parents, my mother in particular, are going through an extremely difficult, financially scary time in their lives. Things are not OK. Through it all, my mom somehow continues to take care of others and remains strong in her faith in God. She has been taking my daughter to Sunday services with her and together they have a beautiful a bond intensified by faith. Believing is fabulous.

4. Lose Weight 

Since I gave up exercising and eating clean for Lent, Easter Sunday was my first day back on the fitness/nutrition horse. Since Sunday I have lost 6 pounds! Not bad for 5 days worth of semi-clean living (I still enjoy wine and sweets). Sticking with your goal in the face of adversity is fabulous.

Now go forth and be fabulous this Friday and always!