Wildflower Run Race Recap

What do you do when you wake up on race day weeks into the worst hay fever you've ever had, a bloody nose that won't quit and a foot that is in pain?

You shove tissues in your nostrils, take Advil, carry your inhaler and run anyway.

Bib, ribbon & goodie bag

Bib, ribbon & goodie bag

The AAUW Morgan Hill Wildflower Run is a local race in its 30th year that exists for a great reason: to provide funds to support education of women and girls. I had chosen this race as the first 10K I would run for time - the goal being to finally have proof of time to submit for better corral placement.

Have I ever mentioned how windy it can be where I live?

Awesome. I ran the race the race the best I could. In the blazing sun. Against the wind. Tissues in my nose. The course was fast, flat, easy and familiar. It felt like any regular training run - except with a neighborhood of great people running along side me.

My final time was not my goal time and I was very disappointed in my performance. I beat myself up for a bit, but after a nice shower I patted myself on the back and took a nap. I am thankful I can run.

Now I have a PR to chase for next year.