What it's Really All About

I had a stellar race weekend: A PR of 5 minutes over prior year, an amazing VIP experience as a first time race ambassador, and a wonderful day of casual, leisurely solo shopping at Santana Row. Such a great weekend, in fact, that you might think this is the beginning of a standard recap.


There is nothing standard about this blog. This is the blog of a woman who is many things to many people and cannot be defined by a title. I am more than a runner. So. Much. More. Yes, the race was fantastic and I am proud of my performance, but the thing I connected to most this entire weekend was a Mother's Day display at one of my favorite stores, Paper Source.

all about family.jpg

It's All About Family. This message, quadrupled, made me think of all the parents I know who can’t always keep their “me time” plans, or those that feel guilty when they do. It made me think of my daughter who had just found out she made the 2013 Varsity cheer team. It made me think of my boyfriend, who while working 3000 miles away, takes time from his busy schedule to tell me he loves me. I thought about my sister and brother-in-law and how they are both too busy with kids to celebrate their anniversary this weekend. I thought about my mom who is looking for a job. In that moment, as I quietly stood in front of the display, I wanted to be with all of them.

As parents we have made the brave and rewarding decision to put a human life before our own. As lovers we hand-pick the soul mate we choose to share our lives with. As family members/caregivers, we inherit many roles and responsibilities. Throughout all of these journeys there will be challenges, glimmers of greatness, and treasured moments - but there should always be love and respect.

I choose to respect & love my family by not putting my running before them and by not putting social media before them. I do not want to live in a home where people only communicate to each other via text messages or in between tweets. I will not share a bed with a laptop, iPad or iPhone when there is a loving, sexy, rock star of a man there beside me.  I won’t pretend to listen to my daughter when I’m really online. This is my pledge to the people I love. Yes, it means I have to make sacrifices from time to time – but it’s not the end of the world. There will be another time to write a recap, run a race, read a tweet – but there will never be another today with my family.