2013: The Year Without a Christmas Card

Dear Friends,

Thank you for the lovely Christmas cards you've sent us. You look gorgeous, your kids are beautiful and your pets are adorable.

With my current career choices freeing me up to actually be a participating member of this household, I thought I had everything perfectly aligned for the holidays, and in my defense - I did. Except for one thing...a group photo! I'm missing a decent photo of the 3 of us not making faces, flipping the camera off, or wearing race bibs, costumes, sweat suits, ABC Store shirts, or cheer uniforms. Even though I began the holiday season with the best of intentions, I do not have a Christmas card ready to send out this year.

Granted, we had a very exciting, busy year. We traveled - independently of each other - often. Starlight visited her father a few times in Nevada and spent a week at cheer camp at UC Davis. She started her very first job, got her driver's license and was super busy the entire fall with AP classes and cheer. In addition to his usually heavy travel schedule, NoTwitterTodd also found himself in Europe this year. He spent a couple of weeks in Spain and France with his wake team and co-workers from Fox Spain. And, as always, he dedicated 1 day from his weekends home to spend with his father in Lodi. I kicked off the year by running my first marathon ever in Florida, which was preceded by a half marathon and immediately followed by another half marathon the following week. I think I spent at least 1 Sunday per month running a race. I visited Florida in the Spring again, this time with Todd, returning to my roots in South Florida, visiting dear friends and attending a beautiful wedding. I made a major career change - twice. I went to Disneyland (at least 28 times, but who's counting) and capped off the year in Hawaii - again with Todd.

On a personal note, my father was diagnosed with Cancer, my brother came back into my life after being missing for 33+ years, I am going through a health scare/issue while being uninsured, my daughter was in her first car accident last week (which totaled my paid-off car) and Todd was in an accident earlier this year which also totaled his truck. I guess you could say things are a little crazy and the Christmas card photo slipped though the cracks.

I joked that since we were never together long enough in one location to take a decent family photo, we should just stack up our suitcases in front of the tree and send this out to our family and friends:

 The closest we came to a Christmas card group photo this year.

The closest we came to a Christmas card group photo this year.

All in all, 2013 was a magical year and we are thankful for the ups and the downs, the airports, hotels, seat belts and air bags.

From our home to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas, filled with Peace, Joy, Magic and Love.