Mother's Therapy Organics Review & Giveaway

For the last few weeks I've been using Mother's Therapy Organics Hand Sanitizer and lotions. Because of the line of work I'm in, and because I fear germs like nobody's business, I use hand sanitizer frequently. My hands had become so dry that I was really excited to try Mother's Therapy! I am so ready to treat my skin better.

Mother's Therapy Organics

Mother's Therapy Organics

The hand sanitizer leaves behind a soft cucumber sent, and although it is alcohol based, the sanitizer doesn't make me feel like my hands have been stripped dry. I love that it contains organic aloe and echinacea.

The germ-fight'n hand lotion is fantastic! I keep it right beside the kitchen sink where it is used by everyone in the house. Made with organic coconut & lemon oils, the lotion is light & clean - with a fresh but not overpowering scent . I love that it's moisturizing, but not greasy. As in, I can still open a jar after lathering up my hands in lotion!

The consistency of the baby lotion is much creamier - as baby lotion should be. The scent it leaves behind is really faint, not quite describable - just natural, soothing and relaxing. The oils in the baby lotion are super soothing and after a week on the beach - my skin is soaking up every bit of it. I love this as a before bedtime lotion and think it is the star of the product line.

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