Illuminating Fog

When I come home to you, San Francisco
Your golden sun will shine for me
— I Left My Heart in San Francisco, George Cory & Douglass Cross

In my 39 years I have driven over the Golden Gate Bridge countless times. I've even run, walked and skipped across & under the bridge during a road race. So what was so special about my drive over the Gate yesterday?

My brother was with me.

Fog on the Golden Gate Bridge

Fog on the Golden Gate Bridge

In this beautiful city, where anything can happen, I lived an entire day with a brother that disappeared 33 years ago. In this city of icy air and warm hearts, I crossed this bridge knowing that we were all entering a new phase in our lives as a family. An emptiness that haunted me my whole life was gone. I crossed the bridge knowing that beyond the fog there is always light.