Saturday Short: Airport Fun

I picked up my daughter and her little brother from the airport yesterday. They had just returned from visiting their father for Thanksgiving and had been waiting for me at their gate for a while. Not because I didn't arrive on time, but because they received incorrect information from the Alaska Air agent at their departing gate. They were told that my daughter would be able to be responsible for her brother during the flight and upon arriving home because she was 16. Um, no. Once they arrived at our home airport, the Alaska Air agent at their arriving gate told them the signing adult (me) would have to come to the gate to get the 10 year old, but my daughter was free to leave.

I had suspected this would be the case, because we had a feeling we received the wrong information to begin with. I'd already parked my car and started walking towards the ticket counter when my daughter called me with the news. 30 minutes and a trip through security later, we were reunited and making our way back to the garage.

Little brother took a few seconds to show me how to pass the time in an airport.

For future reference: