Premiere Carthay Martini at Carthay Circle

Carthay Circle Lounge, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

  1. The Cast Members
  2. The Food
  3. The Ambiance
  4. The Magic
  5. The Martini
  6. The Ice Sphere

Let us pause on the ice sphere.  

Every time I visit the Disneyland Resort I drop into the Carthay Circle Lounge to see my favorite Cast Member, James, who on countless occasions has indulged me in a delicious (vodka) martini with a fresh ice sphere. After witnessing the magic for himself last year on my birthday, NoTwitterTodd was so impressed he offered to buy me my own sphere maker. Google later told us we couldn't afford one, which is fine with me. We love going back to Carthay Lounge for everything that accompanies that sphere: beginning and ending with the fantastic Cast Members, and including a Labyrinth reference.

In this video Shane shares with us the magic behind the sphere. There's also a little inside joke at the end of the video when Shane says his is the second best martini in the building...he's kidding, of course! That's a jab at me for always seeking out James. Ha! All the CMs at the bar are first class.