Throwback Thursday: NYE 2009 at Disneyland

On New Year's Eve of 2009, my sweetheart and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary by going to Disneyland on a family trip. OK, maybe it was more my idea than his. And maybe, just maybe, Starlight & I had the trip totally pre-planned in our minds before we even mentioned it to NoTwitterTodd.

None of that matters now! We braved the infamous New Year's Eve crowds and had an amazing time. Starlight had the time of her life choosing how she wanted to spend her day in the park with her FastPasses and snacks, while we parked in front of the castle awaiting the night's festivities. 

That was such a fun way to celebrate the new year and our anniversary! Being the last ones in the park in 2009 and the first ones in the park in 2010 was a unique experience. I will always treasure made on this trip. Crazy times, crazy family. There's no other way I want it.