Disneyland Half Marathon Expo

After the wonderful Disneyland Half Marathon Meet-Up, I had a couple of hours to burn until the Expo opened. Because the awesome runDisney crew provided all of us with our race bibs and tees - I only needed to stand in line for my commemorative items & Coast to Coast wristband - then I was good to go shopping.

I spent some time wandering through Downtown Disney & eventually decided to walk through the Disneyland Hotel, stop for coffee and take a break. On my way to the Disneyland Hotel I was sidetracked by something massive; something I had never seen before. It was my goal: the Disneyland Half Marathon Finish Line! 


12pm rolled around and I made my way into the Expo first because the packet pick-up line was pretty long. The Expo at the Disneyland Hotel is quite the experience. There's lots to see and buy....I love this part! 

I had saved a lot of money in hopes of picking up a limited edition Disneyland Half Marathon Dooney bag, but a special bag wasn't made for this race. That being said, the rest was easy for me. I wanted a wine glass, a tech tee, pins, a magnet, a tech jacket and an "I Did it Tee". Boom - I was out of the official merch section in about 15 minutes and ready to hit up the rest of the Expo.

My first stop was the Lasting Commemoratives booth where I was able to use my coupon from the iGift bag to pick-up a free copy of the race poster. Second stop was to the KT Tape booth where I was hoping to get taped-up by a pro. When I reached the booth I was surprised to see there was already a line, but I was going to wait and find out once and for all if I was taping my IT Band correctly. 20-30 minutes later it was my turn to get taped. The doctor on site had already told me where I should get taped and the girl who was taping me agreed - the only problem was there wasn't any privacy and she needed to get to my hip. After about 5 minutes of exposing my butt to everyone in line, I was good to go! KT Tape totally embarrassed me by retweeting this pic AND posting it on Instagram:


Now that I had my all "must-do" stuff out of the way, I took my time visiting every booth at the Expo. First stop was the ABC Network booth where I played a Once Upon A Time trivia game and won a really cute journal that I was clearly way too excited about:

expo once upon a time.jpg

Next I picked up an arm band at the iFitness booth (which I used Sunday during the race with my Cannon tucked inside and I loved it - no slippage). I visited the ladies at the Team Sparkle booth (who were kind enough to hand-deliver my new red skirt to me the day before) and the ladies at the Another Mother Runner booth where I picked up a cool new running tank. Somehow I forgot my poster there, but luckily Sarah noticed it and put it aside hoping someone would realize they'd lost it. When I came back a while later Sarah still had it! I was really thankful that worked out.


Finally, I left the Expo and headed into the packet pick-up area (which is where you should go first; I did this backwards because the bib was delivered to me) to pick-up my pin and Coast to Coast wristband. 


I made my way into the packet-pick up area and was out 5 minutes later. I loaded up the car with all my goodies and headed back to the hotel to clean up and get ready for a night of fun at Disneyland.