Bulldog Fun Run Race Recap


As if waking up with a hangover wasn't bad enough, imagine waking up with a massive hangover and an even bigger commitment to your child and her high school. Not my best 7:00am moment.

The Ann Sobrato High School Bulldog Fun Run was put together by our Cheer Coach & Cheerleaders in an effort to raise enough money to hire a counselor for the school. Last year was a devastating year for our students and our community. We lost children due to suicide, homicide, kidnapping and illness.  The race was a great reason to run, raise money and bring us all together.

I had no intention of missing this race, so I got up, swallowed Advils and started guzzling water. I dropped my daughter off at the start/finish, picked-up my bib and drove back home to get myself ready. All the coffee and water in the world wasn't helping, but sure enough at 5 minutes till race time, I was at the start line.

The course took us from Sobrato to the Coyote Creek trail and back. It was hot and I was dehydrated. I ran the best I could and I came in 3rd place in my age group. Granted, there were only a handful of people in my age group. But hey - who's counting!?

After the race I picked up my ribbon and tee and thanked the girls for a great race. Any race for a great cause is a reason to get out of bed. No matter what.