Help Me Help Children in Cambodia

In America, bicycles are fun. In Cambodia, bicycles save children.


This is a distinction I learned while working in the cycling industry. I have always believed in the power of sustainable, grassroots programs to address the lack of of agriculture, education, water and healthcare in other nations. However, it was not until a co-worker visited Africa that I realized the multiple ways a bicycle empowers individuals and communities. This new-found knowledge inspired me to think differently and find my own way to help. Then I discovered the GO & my opportunity to support the Sao Sary Foundation while running my next half marathon.

The vision of GO is: A world in which every human being has access to clean water, healthy food, basic education, affordable healthcare, and a home to live in, where every person, rich or poor, has the power to create opportunities for themselves and for other.

Add a bicycle to that equation and you have now provided a means to access the clean water. You have made the farmer mobile by giving him a tool to take his food to market. You have given a child the means to get to school, every day, in a reasonable amount of time. You have empowered a woman to transport herself to training and then transport and sell her goods at market, thus providing an income for her family.

But that is just where the impact begins.

GO has teamed with the Sao Sary Foundation, founded in 2006, to rescue victims / protect children at risk of sex trafficking, exploitation, child abuse, child labor and harmful practices (such as child marriage). They work to “inspire vulnerable children and their poorest families to socially and economically empower themselves to become agents of change in their own lives” by implementing projects that benefit entire villages with access to education, training, farming and community building.

How can bicycles help? A bicycle augments productivity and is proven to help families increase their income, thus developing independence and empowering potential victims by breaking the poverty cycle.

A $50 bicycle can make a world of difference to endangered children, women and communities in Cambodia by:

- Providing children with reliable transportation to school
- Community development
- Productivity & Growth
- Increasing a family’s income
- Enabling adults to attend training
- Allowing more frequent visits to medical facilities
- Empowering & mobilizing women
- Allowing volunteers to visit distant villages to identify others in need

I know that we all have causes we support and believe in wholeheartedly. I humbly ask that you please consider one more cause to support and help me reach my goal of raising $2000.00. You have the power to fight against poverty and injustice. At only $50.00 a bicycle, even the smallest donation makes a difference.

Think about it. Spend $50.00 on 10 lattes or $50.00 on 1 life changing tool. The choice is ours. With 100% of your donations going this cause, I know that, together, we can make a big difference.

Thank you,